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The "San Jorge" cheese constitutes for Gallego Sanz an example of adaptation to the needs of the market, as it is a versatile product with a mild flavor designed for all types of consumers.

Made with goat, cow and sheep milk, this cheese shows the quality of its ingredients and the care taken in its preparation. With the same careful preparation with which Gallego Sanz produces other brands, in the “San Jorge” cheese there is a balanced combination of select raw material and control of the final quality of the product to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Manchego San Jorge Cheese

SKU: 5
  • milk / Milk Pasteurized cow, goat and sheep Matería Grasa ES / Fat content > 45% Dry Extract / Dry Extract <50% Consum. Preferent. / Use by date (Cured) 24 months

  • Weight per piece 2,600 kg

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