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In this cheese, a genuine character full of strong and tasty flavor appears in its highest purity, as it should be because it is a product that complies with rigorous fidelity the requirements of the Regulatory Council of the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin. Pastor del Cardete is a special cheese even among those of the same category. In its preparation, the wise tradition of our forerunners and the most recent food production technology applied in the production of Manchego cheese come together. Everything is enjoyed in this product: an attractive presence that encourages eating, an impeccable smell of good cheese and an exceptional flavor, unforgettable even for the most demanding consumer. 3 kg pieces

Cheese D.O. Manchego "Pastor del Cardete 2,800 kg

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  • milk Pasteurized La Mancha sheep Healing > 60 days Conservation 4th / 8th Fat Materia ES > 50% Dry extract <55% Consum. Preferent. 24 months


    Weight per piece 2,800 kg

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