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Cured sheep cheese


Cheese made with sheep's milk obtained in Leon farms under strict sanitary controls and pasteurized. The practice of grazing combining dry pastures with the varied vegetation of the Vega del Esla and the nearby mountains. Combination of milk with ferments. rennet and salt. accompanied by a maturation in chamber with controlled temperature and humidity for more than eight months


Semi-cured cheese


The perfect combination of cow and sheep milk. the dedication and know-how of the teacher transmitted from parents to children.

the correct selection of milks and ferments and the management of the best technical and sanitary conditions.

allow to obtain a cheese of high nutritional value. with important contributions of proteins.

grease. calcium and vitamins of soft palate. pleasant aroma creamy. And very appetizing.


Made with cold pressed paste. It has a more off-white ivory cut as the cure progresses.

with abundant and small irregular eyes.


Product of Mansilla de las mules (León) weight between the 2 cheeses, 5,750 kg

Pack offers cheeses leon: cured sheep + semi mixture 6 kg between the 2

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