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Old sheep cheese


This delight for the senses is achieved thanks to pure sheep's milk along with the proper healing that is applied.


Semi-cured cheese


The perfect combination of cow and sheep milk. the dedication and know-how of the teacher transmitted from parents to children.

the correct selection of milks and ferments and the management of the best technical and sanitary conditions.

allow to obtain a cheese of high nutritional value. with important contributions of proteins.

grease. calcium and vitamins of soft palate. pleasant aroma creamy. And very appetizing.


Made with cold pressed paste. It has a more off-white ivory cut as the cure progresses.

with abundant and small irregular eyes.


Product of Mansilla de las mules (León) weight between the 2 cheeses, 5,750 kg

Pack Cheeses of León: Old sheep + semi mix6 kg between the 2

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