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We obsessively select the best meats and put them through a long and natural curing process. Only a few extraordinary pieces can be turned into our Cecina Suprema. The "Cecina Suprema" is made with select high quality pieces that are properly shaped before curing. Its superior quality, its slight fat infiltration that, along with Iberian ham, provides flavor and juiciness, make it the star among cured meats. Surely one of the best cured meats you've ever tasted. This piece is not covered by the Cecina de León IGP, so we only have a very limited quantity of these pieces. Ingredients: Select beef, Mediterranean sea salt and natural oak smoke from the forests that surround our beautiful area. Natural product made by hand without additives, without preservatives or colorants. Long natural curing (minimum 8 months) in the air of the mountains of Geras de Gordón at 1200m above sea level in an environment declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Gluten-free product It must be emphasized that it is a natural and artisan product, so each piece is unique. It is not an industrial product where additives, machinery and flavor enhancers lead to serial production of identical products.

Sliced Cecina Supreme quality Entrepeñas 100 gr

5,50 €Price
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