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This 50% Iberian Cebo Ham of Iberian breed Nieto Martin offers an intense and characteristic flavor, rich in nuances as a result of its slow maturation for more than 24 months in our Guijuelo wineries. Its first sweet attack on the palate stands out since, due to the altitude and the climatic conditions of the area, the salting process is softer than that of other hams cured at a lower altitude. The color of its meat ranges from pale pink to deep red and its abundant fat infiltrations offer a lustrous and shiny appearance at room temperature. As a result of its prolonged curing, it is also very rich in aromas. Our Iberian Cebo Ham 50% of Iberian breed Nieto Martin comes from the hind limbs of Iberian Pigs with 50% of certified Iberian breed, the result of select crosses. They are raised on farms where their animal welfare is guaranteed and meets all EU requirements. Their diet is mainly based on feed composed of high quality cereals. Healing 24-36 months Weight From 7.2 to 7.6 KG Allergens Does not contain allergens. PRODUCT SUITABLE FOR CELIACES Consumption advice: The product is presented wrapped in greaseproof paper and a cotton cover so it is ready for immediate consumption. Consume preferably at room temperature: 20-24ºC Conservation advice: Keep in a cool and dry place, even after cutting the product in the ham holder. The kitchen is not usually the coolest and driest place in the house, so for prolonged consumption it is recommended to store it in another space in the house with better conditions. Once you have finished cutting the product with a knife, cover the surface of the cut with thin sheets of fat to avoid its oxidation. If you are not going to cut more in a long period of time, cover the cut and the protective grease with plastic wrap and cover the area with a cotton cloth to prevent the light from modifying its color. Sliced by hand of the whole piece: When you ask us for your shoulder or your whole ham but sliced BY HAND, the process will start immediately. To begin, we will select the piece that you have asked for its good exterior qualities and aroma. And within 24 hours it will be sliced with a knife by our master cutters and will be ready to ship. The result of each shipment will depend on the initial weight of the piece and its morphology. And as icing: the best of the bone already cut so that you can use it immediately in your stews. All of course, vacuum packed for durability. As this whole slicing of a ham or shoulder is a process that we carry out only on request, it can affect the usual speed of our deliveries, which can take 24 hours longer than normal. When ordering it in our online store it only supposes an extra cost of € 20 extra

Cebo Guijuelo Iberian Ham 7.600kg

€190.00 Regular Price
€170.00Sale Price
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