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Powerful aroma and flavor and high aromatic intensity. On the palate it is very juicy and you can appreciate the touches of curing in the meadows of Extremadura. The white and infiltrated veining that characterizes this delicacy of exceptional quality is perceived. Pale garnet color. With a perfect touch of salt, hints of dried fruit are perceived on the palate.


PREPARATION : Maturation from 32 to 36 months in natural drying rooms with natural curing.


FOOD : With identification and care of each piece. It comes from Iberian pig fed with pastures from the pasture, special feed derived from legumes and cereals (they are superior quality feed).

Declared a healthy product for its high content of monounsaturated fats (beneficial cholesterol) and tocopherols, which act as vitamins and powerful natural antioxidants.

Iberian ham cebo field Extremadura 7.800 kg

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